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My Story

Growing up, I always loved cooking and viewed it as a fun outlet for my creativity but never actually considered it as a career. I was raised in a military family and have lived all over the world. My favorite part about traveling has always been exploring new foods. I love cooking for myself equally as much as I love cooking for others.

I’ve changed my career path several times but I am so proud of how far I’ve come and the progress I’ve made in such a short time. Prep Thyme has so much potential, and I am confident in myself and this self-made business I’ve grown. I’m looking forward to the future and so blessed to have such a supportive customer base.


Prep Thyme’s mission is to provide quality meals that are healthy and affordable to the local community. Affordability is one of my core values because I believe nutritious food should be accessible to everyone. I strive to create dishes that make eating healthy foods fun and exciting rather than a chore. I am committed to providing my customers with a personable experience through friendly attentive service.

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